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Maintaining Your Window Film

You’ve invested in window film to improve your home’s comfort – congratulations! To keep your windows and your film looking in top form, it’s important to maintain your window film properly. Here are our tips for maintaining your window film.


ComforTech™ Series film has a unique dry adhesive that is not tacky to the touch and makes installation a breeze. The film’s special adhesive can take up to 30 days to fully cure so please refrain from cleaning your windows for the first 30 days.

After installation, you may see small water bubbles under the film. These are common during the drying process and will evaporate over time. Please do not try to pop these bubbles or manipulate them in any way as you may damage the film.

Maintaining Your Windows

After 30 days have passed, you can clean your windows as you normally would with a soft, non-abrasive cloth and mild cleaning agent. Here are some of our tips to keep your windows and film looking great:

Use the right cleaners

Tool kit, Concord Window Film Slip-Tack

ComforTech™ Window Film is created with a protective hard coat that resists scratching and damage. But, it is still important to treat it with care during your routine cleaning.

We suggest cleaning with a mild cleaning agent. You can use the following:

Avoid using abrasive or heavy-duty cleaning agents or any product with baking soda as an ingredient as these can scratch the film.

Use the right cloth or towel

And for wiping, we suggest a soft, non-abrasive cloth like a washable microfiber cloth, soft rag, or high-quality paper towels. You can use a soft old tee shirt as long as the hems are removed and it doesn’t have any sort of decal or embroidery on it that could scratch the film.

If you go the reusable route, be sure not to use a fabric softener when washing your clothes or rags. The oils in the fabric softener can lead to a smudgy, streaky finish.

Avoid using scouring pads, brushes, newspaper, or cheap and rough paper towels. 

Dry the window film well

Concord Window Film BlueMax Squeegee Angled

After washing the windows, it’s important to dry the window completely. A clean soft cloth (not the one you used to clean the windows) or a rubber squeegee like the one from Concord’s Installation Tool Kit, is the best way to do this. After using the squeegee, take a high quality paper towel and run it along all four edges of the filmed glass to pick up any lingering moisture.

If you leave water on the film, you run the risk of it getting underneath the film and causing bubbling or other issues, so don’t miss this important step!

Enjoy your window film!

Happy family seated on a couch in front of a bank of windows

By periodically maintaining your window film by cleaning it just as you would your untinted windows, you will ensure that your window film lasts for years. And you will be able to enjoy the comfort it brings to your home and the energy savings too!

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