How to Evaluate Your Windows

For Window Film

An important step to take before you decide to install window film is to evaluate your windows and the conditions around your home.

Window film is a high-technology product that improves the performance of your windows. It’s a great way to upgrade your existing windows without paying the high cost of full replacement. To ensure your window film performs optimally, its important to check the condition of your windows before installing film. If any of these conditions exist, we do not recommend installing window film:

  • Any pane of glass over 40 square feet

  • Any glass pane with a glass edge dimension of greater than 10 feet

  • Any triple or quadruple pane window

  • Any window with a seal failure prior to installation

  • Any home in an elevation of greater than 3,000

  • Any home with a framing system of concrete
  • Any chipped, cracked, scratched or otherwise damaged glass prior to installation

  • Any plastic, polycarbonate or non-glass surface

  • Any laminated, round, textured, bent, patterned or wired glass

  • Any glass with paint, lettering and/or vinyl graphics

  • Any window with film already applied

  • Any framing sealant, glazing compound and/or gasket material that is no longer resilient

In addition, any glass experiencing up to 25% outside shading, including more than 25% of the glass perimeter, or any of the shading examples below:

Window Shading Examples Window Film crop -