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We have a variety of films available to solve your window issues,
anchored by our flagship product, ComforTech™ Ceramic Series Window Film

All of our ComforTech™ films are available in easy-to-install kits based on window type. We offer a single/double hung kit, a casement/glider kit, and a sliding door kit. Each kit comes with two pieces of film pre-cut to fit most window sizes. 

For larger windows outside of the kit dimensions, our ComforTech™ Ceramic Series film is also available in rolls or can be custom ordered to fit your window dimensions.

You can feel confident installing ComforTech™ with our professional-grade installation tools.

Want to see our film before you buy? Get a free sample kit of all five performance shades (you just pay shipping).

ComforTech™ Comes in Five Shades to Solve
any Window Issue

ComforTech 45 Ceramic Series Window Film crop -

ComforTech™ 45

Our lightest offering. Looks almost invisible on the glass. Perfect for those concerned primarily with UV.

ComforTech 35 Ceramic Series Window Film Office crop -

ComforTech™ 35

Our most popular all-around film! Light enough to blend in, but with enough tint to provide solar control.

ComforTech 25 Ceramic Series Window Film Office crop -

ComforTech™ 25

A medium shade film that balances stronger solar control with light transmission.

ComforTech 15 Ceramic Series Window Film Office crop -

ComforTech™ 15

A dark film for those that need to control heat gain or glare. Perfect for south-facing rooms and sunny climes.

ComforTech 05 Ceramic Series Window Film Office crop -

ComforTech™ 05

Our darkest film offers the greatest daytime privacy and solar control for rooms and climates that demand it.

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ComforTech™ Ceramic Series Window Film
Product Specifications

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