How to Order

All of our ComforTech™ Ceramic Series professional-grade window film comes in pre-cut ready-to-install kits based on your window type. That means less cutting for you and a quicker install!

Follow these easy steps to determine which kit is right for you:


Evaluate Your Window Conditions

ComforTech™ film is a high tech product that changes the properties of the glass it is installed on. Certain conditions are not suitable for window film installation such as triple pane glass. Please read Evaluating Your Windows to ensure suitability.


Determine Your Window Type

Windows come in different configurations like single hung, double hung, casement and sliding/gliding. Use the diagrams below to determine which windows you have.

Illustration of a double hung window.

Single or
Double Hung

Casement Window -


Sliding Window -

Sliding (also
called Gliding)


Measure Your Windows

Next measure the glass portion of your windows. Do not include the frame. Using a tape measure, measure the width from the inside of the frame to the inside of the frame. Do the same for height.

Note down the measurements and compare to the chart below. As long as your measurements are less than given below, the kit will work for your windows. For large or unusual windows, we offer a roll of film.

Width Height
Single or Double Hung Kit 36" 30"
Casement/Sliding Kit 20" 60"
Patio Door Kit 36" 76"


Choose Your Shade

Our ComforTech™ Ceramic Series comes in five performance shades to add beauty to your home. Each of our films offers >99% protection against UV rays. But for other features like privacy, glare control, or solar control, it’s important to know that the darker the film, the less light will be transmitted. So our darkest film will have the best solar control properties, but it may feel too dark for some.

Using our product simulator to view the five shades in an interior setting will help you decide which shade is right for you. You can also order a free (you just pay shipping) sample kit to view all five shades in your home.


Order Your ComforTech™ Window Film

Once you have your window type and preferred shade, you are ready to order! If you have any questions, please connect with us. Our window film specialists are ready to assist you!