Window Film Basics

Window Film Basics

What is window film?

Window film – sometimes called window tint – is a high-technology product made to enhance glass performance. Film is constructed from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) a common type of polyester used widely in clothing, packaging materials, and other films including video, photographic, and x-ray. The polyester is treated with a component (dye, metal, pigment, or ceramic) and applied to the inside of a window to selectively filter the UV, infrared, and visible wavelengths that enter a building (or automobile).

How does it work?

The component materials – in our case nano ceramic particles – reflect and absorb solar energy that hits a window preventing it from entering the home. The animation below compares clear glass to glass with ComforTech™ 25 Ceramic Series film and shows how window film works to control the sun’s heat.

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What affects a window film’s performance?

There are four main factors that affect the quality and performance of window film:

  • Type of component used to create the reflective effect of the film
  • Manufacturing process
  • Type of adhesive
  • Thickness of the film

Concord Window Film has optimized all of these areas to offer a high-quality, beautifully uniform film that will last for the life of your windows.

What is special about Concord Window Film?

Nano ceramic technology is the best technology for flat glass film

Dyed films can fade or change color over time. Metallic films are shiny and highly reflective giving the outside of the home a mirrored look. Our ceramic coating is made from titanium nitride ground to nanometer scale to achieve a beautiful, clear color that looks natural and won’t fade over time like dyed films.

We use a dry adhesive in our ComforTech™ Ceramic Series films

Window film adhesives can be pressure-sensitive or dry. Pressure-sensitive adhesives are tacky to the touch and can stick to themselves or other objects during the installation process making them harder to work with. In addition, dust and other airborne particles can easily attach to pressure-sensitive films during installation. Our dry adhesive is only activated with water, so it won’t stick to itself during installation.

We have state-of-the-art manufacturing and control the entire value chain

ComforTech™ Ceramic Series films are made using a micro gravure process that deposits our nano ceramic particles uniformly for a beautiful, consistent color and performance. And we control every step of the manufacturing process: from the manufacture of the polyester film, to the components, the adhesives, and the scratch-resistant top coat.

Our film is 2MIL thick

All of Concord’s ComforTech™ films are 2MIL (.002″ or 50 microns) thick compared to other big box and DIY brands which are only 1MIL thick. Thicker window film is easier to work with. Also, while ComforTech™ Ceramic Series is NOT a safety film, 2MIL film will hold glass shards together if a window breaks, preventing the pieces from falling on the floor and causing injury.

Performance Specifications

See the detailed performance specifications for CWF’s ComforTech™ Series here.

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