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Does Window Film Reduce Noise?

A question we get asked sometimes is: does window film reduce noise?

You’ve likely explored our ComforTech™ Ceramic Series window film to address concerns about heat, glare, and UV protection. But what about noise? Can window film help quiet things down in the house?

Let’s get into it.

Does Window Film Reduce Noise

Studies by window film manufacturers show that adding a layer of window film to existing glass can decrease the outside noise coming in through the glass by about 5 decibels. So while technically, the answer to does window film reduce noise is yes, it’s not enough sound attenuation to be considered a true option.

To put this in perspective, let’s consider a study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology on the differences between indoor and outdoor noise levels.

This study shows that a closed window will lower the noise level by 28 decibels on average. So in the best case scenario, window film would reduce window noise slightly.

The short answer is that residential window film offers some noise reduction, but it’s not a primary solution for blocking out significant outdoor noise. 

Here’s a deeper dive into why:

Material and Thickness

Professional grade window film, like our ComforTech™ at 2MIL thickness, is designed to address solar heat gain and UV rays. While adding a slight barrier, it’s not substantial enough to significantly dampen sound waves.

And you should note that not all window films are 2MIL. Many cheaper online films are only half as thick at 1MIL.

Soundproofing vs. Noise Reduction

There’s a difference between soundproofing, which aims for near-complete noise elimination, and noise reduction, which aims to lessen the overall level of unwanted noise. Window film offers noise reduction, potentially bringing down noise by a few decibels.

Window film can contribute to a quieter environment by reducing vibration. Window film does add a 2MIL layer to your window’s glass, making it slightly thicker and less prone to vibration from outside noise. This can be helpful for high-pitched noises like traffic or construction.

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Other Noise Reduction Tactics

For substantial noise reduction, consider these alongside window film:

Thicker Window Treatments

Curtains or blinds made of sound-absorbing materials like felt or heavy fabrics can significantly reduce noise.

Cellular shades offer more sound dampening than regular shades.

And heavy drapes offer greater sound attenuation as well. Another advantage of drapes is that they don’t just cover the glass, but also the entire window frame. 

Triple-Paned Windows

These windows have spaces between three panes of glass, which helps dampen sound waves.

Specialty sound dampening windows can also be purchased. These often use laminated glass (two or more panes of glass sandwiched together with a layer of plastic between. The lamination strengthens the glass and lessens the amount of vibrating the glass does in response to noise.

Soundproofing Window Inserts

There are specialty inserts that are installed over the window inside the home that can reduce noise significantly. This is a retrofit option and is a good choice when replacing windows is feasible or economical.

Architectural Digest has a good guide on reducing noise coming from windows. You can read it here.

Does Window Film Reduce Noise Summary

So we’ve answered the question of does window film reduce noise.

And, while window film is not a solution to quiet a noisy environment, our ComforTech™ Ceramic Series film can be a valuable piece of your overall noise reduction strategy.  Combined with other tactics, it can contribute to a quieter, more enjoyable home environment.

And remember, ComforTech™ Ceramic Series is an excellent solar control window film with many benefits. It will lessen the heat coming into your home and lower your AC bills. It blocks 99% of UV rays, and slows fading and reduces glare.

Plus our darker shades of film also provide daytime privacy.

Ready to explore ways to create a more comfortable home?  Explore Concord Window Film today!

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