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Man installing ComforTech Window Film on a double hung window for a post on what makes ComforTech Ceramic Series Window Film the best choice for homeowners.

5 Things that Make ComforTech Ceramic Series Window Film the Best Choice

There are many window film types and brands on the market today. And in this post, we are going to talk about what makes ComforTech Ceramic Series Window Film the best choice for DIY homeowners.

When it comes to enhancing the comfort and privacy of your home, not all window films are created equal. At Concord Window Film, we understand the nuances of window film technology and the needs of our DIY homeowner community. That’s why we are proud to spotlight our ComforTech Ceramic Series—a unique blend of cutting-edge technology, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a homeowner looking to venture into self-installation for the first time, this article delves into the five standout features of our ComforTech Ceramic Series that set it a notch above the rest. Dive in and discover why this is the window film you’ve been waiting for.

5 Things that Make ComforTech Ceramic Series Window Film the Best Choice

Nano ceramic technology is the best technology for flat glass film

Dyed films can fade or change color over time. Metallic films are shiny and highly reflective giving the outside of the home a mirrored look. ComforTech’s ceramic coating is made from titanium nitride ground to nanometer scale to achieve a beautiful, clear color that looks natural and won’t fade over time like dyed films.

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We use a dry adhesive in our ComforTech Ceramic Series films

Window film adhesives can be pressure-sensitive or dry. Pressure-sensitive adhesives are tacky to the touch and can stick to themselves or other objects during the installation process making them harder to work with. In addition, dust and other airborne particles can easily attach to pressure-sensitive films during installation.

Our dry adhesive is only activated with water, so it won’t stick to itself during installation. Read more about adhesives.

We have state-of-the-art manufacturing and control the entire value chain

ComforTech Ceramic Series films are made using a micro gravure process that deposits our nano ceramic particles uniformly for a beautiful, consistent color and performance. And, we control every step of the manufacturing process: from the manufacture of the polyester film, to the components, the adhesives, and the scratch-resistant top coat.

Learn more about how ComforTech™ is made.

Our film is 2MIL thick

All of Concord’s ComforTech films are 2MIL (.002″ or 50 microns) thick compared to other big box and DIY brands which are only 1MIL thick. Thicker window film is easier to work with – it doesn’t crease or tear as easily as thin film. Also, while ComforTech Ceramic Series is NOT classified as a safety film, 2MIL film will hold glass shards together if a window breaks, preventing the pieces from falling on the floor and causing injury.

Our film is dual-reflective

ComforTech Ceramic Series film is dual-reflective which means it has two different levels of reflectivity built into the film. The exterior reflectivity is higher and provides great daytime time privacy, especially in the lower VLT films. The interior of the film has a lower reflectivity so that at night you can still see outside and you don’t have a mirror effect on the glass as you would without the dual reflective technology.

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ComforTech Ceramic Series Window Film the Best Choice Summary

If you are looking for a professional-grade window film you can install yourself to reduce heat and glare, protect against fading or UV exposure, or add daytime privacy, ComforTech Ceramic Series window film is the best choice. Ceramic window film is the leader in residential window films and is preferred by professional installers for its beauty, durability, performance, and homeowner satisfaction.

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