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What is dual-reflective window film?

Concord’s ComforTech™ Ceramic Series film is a dual-reflective window film. But what does that actually mean?

What is dual-reflective window film?

Dual-reflective window film is a type of solar control window film that is designed to provide both daytime privacy and solar heat control. Unlike traditional solar control films that have a uniform reflective coating, dual-reflective films have a unique dual-layer design that provides a different level of reflectivity on the inside and outside of the window.

The exterior layer of the film is highly reflective to solar energy, while the interior layer, has a lower level of reflectivity.

Photo of both sides of the same VLT dual-reflective window film next to each other

Why have two levels of reflectivity?

For daytime privacy, a film must have a high level of exterior reflectivity. But if the inside of the film has the same reflectivity it can create a mirror effect inside. It can also make it difficult for occupants to see outside during the day.

Creating a second lower interior reflectivity ensures that the occupants can see outside without any visual distortion with a dual-reflective window film. And at night the lower interior reflectivity means there’s less of a chance to get a mirroring effect when it’s brighter inside the home than out.

Overall, dual-reflective window film is an upgrade to film that only has one level of reflectivity. It is a better choice for homeowners because it maintains more of a natural look to the glass.

ComforTech Ceramic Series

ComforTech™ Ceramic Series films are beautiful color-stable films made for residential installation. They provide superior solar, fade and glare control and some shades offer great daytime privacy. All of the films are dual reflective for a more natural look and they all block >99% of UV rays. Shop ComforTech™ films now!

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