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Is ComforTech™ Ceramic Series Considered Safety Film?

Since our ComforTech Ceramic Series Film is 2 Mil thick, we often get asked if it is considered safety film. The short answer to this question is no, ComforTech™ Ceramic Series is not considered a safety film – but it does offer your family some protections. Let’s dig in to learn more.

What is Considered Safety Film

Window film is classified as a safety film if it meets certain performance standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). These standards include the ability of the film to hold broken glass together in the event of a break-in or accident, the ability of the film to reduce the risk of injury from flying glass, and the ability of the film to provide privacy and security.

The thickness of the film is the main factor that makes a window film a safety window film. Safety window films are typically thicker than standard window films – typically at least 4 Mil up to 14 Mil or more. This thickness helps to provide more protection against flying glass and other hazards.

What Protection Does ComforTech™ Window Film Provide?

While ComforTech™ Ceramic Series Window Film is not technically considered a safety film, there are some protections the film provides:

Shatterproof Protection

Our 2Mil ComforTech™ film will hold broken glass in most cases of accidental breakage. It all depends on how fast the object was moving when it hit the glass (very fast-moving objects will break through the film easier than slower moving objects). But in the more typical household cases of window breakage, our film will hold the glass shards together and prevent them from falling into your home causing additional damage or putting your loved ones at risk.

The other benefit is that should one of your windows break, the cleanup is easier with the glass adhered to the window film and not scattered all over your room and belongings.

It’s important to note that 2 Mil film doesn’t rise to the level of safety film, but it will offer protection.

Impact Resistance

Photo of a burglar getting ready to break a window to gain entry into a home for a post on safety window film

Having ComforTech™ window film installed on your windows will make it harder for burglars to gain entry through a window. Again, it doesn’t rise to the level of safety film, but it does add to the difficulty of breaking the glass to enter a home. This may deter burglars from continuing to try to gain entry. It will take them longer to get through the glass and gives you more time to respond to a potential break-in.

UV Protection

All five of ComforTech™’s shades provide greater than 99% protection against harmful UV rays entering your home. UV rays are responsible for skin cancer and premature aging in people, and are the main contributor to fading of household furnishings, floors, décor and art. ComforTech™ has UV-blocking agents built into its adhesive which not only protects the film from UV damage, but also you, your family and your investment in your home.

Safety Film Available at Concord Window Film

If you are interested in a true safety film for your home, Concord Window Film does offer Clear 4 Mil Safety Film for sale on the website.

Our Clear 4 Mil is rated by ANSI as a Safety Film. It meets building code standards for safety glazing in homes that require it for windows in stairways or bathrooms. If you are remodeling a bathroom or your home, check with your local building codes as you may need to upgrade the windows to safety glazing. If you weren’t planning on replacing your windows, our Clear 4 Mil Safety Window Film can be applied to meet the building code.

Shop our Clear 4 Mil Safety Film or download the performance specifications of the safety film

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