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Can I Order Custom Window Film Sizes?

We often get asked if folks can order custom window film sizes for their windows. And while we offer pre-cut kits that accommodate most double hung, casement, and patio door sizes, and larger rolls for larger jobs, the short answer is yes! We do offer custom cutting of our ComforTech Ceramic Series film!

Why custom window film sizes?

For Large or Unusual Windows

While we do offer window film pre-cut in sizes that will fit most standard windows:

  • Double Hung Kits: two 36″ x 20″ pieces of film in each kit for $49
  • Casement Kits: two 20″ x 60″ pieces of film in each kit for $59
  • Patio Door Kits: two 36″ x 76″ pieces of film in each kit for $99

We do recognize that our pre-cut kits won’t fit every window size and type. Not all windows are standard in size or shape. Custom-cut window film allows you to fit film precisely to you windows, whether you’re dealing with arched windows, circular portholes, or irregularly shaped or oversized windows.

Some customers are only filming a couple of windows in a room that are a large width and don’t want to purchase a full roll of film, so the optimal choice is to have us cut the film to size for them.

To Save Time

If you have a lot of off-sized windows to film, you could purchase a roll of film and cut it yourself, but that would take a lot of time. Customers opt to have us do the work of cutting the film to their window sizes to save them time.

How to order custom sizes

Ordering custom window sizes is an easy process!

Step 1:

Measure the length and width of the pane of glass you want to film.

Step 2:

Add 1′ to each measurement. For example, if your glass measures 26″ wide x 30″ high, adding an inch to each measurement gives you 27″ x 31″.

Step 3:

Go to our Custom Kits page:

Step 4:

Screenshot of the custom window film size page from

Enter the shade of ComforTech you want to purchase. (Read about how to choose your shade here.)

Step 5:

Screenshot of the width options in the custom size menu on

Choose from one of our six standard widths: 24″, 30″, 26″, 48″, 60″ and 72″ that comes closest (but is not less than) your width. So for example, if your width with the 1″ adder is 27″ you would choose the 30″ film as your width.

Step 6:

Screenshot of the length options on the custom window film size page on

Choose your length. You can order lengths from 12″ up to 180″ long. 

Step 7:

Add to cart. Add that custom cut piece of film to the cart and then go back and add your next piece and order.

A couple of things to note:

  • Widths and lengths are interchangeable – by this we mean you can orient the piece of film either way on your window. So if it makes more sense to choose one of our standard widths as your length and then have more precise measurements for the width – please feel free to do that.
  • ComforTech Ceramic Series films are not approved for panes of glass larger than 40 square feet.  The system will allow you to order film of that size, but we do not recommend it because of the risk of glass or seal breakage.

Cost of custom window film sizes

Because of the labor and waste involved in making custom cuts, they are the most expensive option when purchasing film from us. Custom sizes cost $4.00/square foot plus a $15/per cart custom cut fee. The pre-cut kits are less expensive, and the rolls of film are the least expensive way to purchase film from us). But purchasing custom cut kits and installing them yourself are still less expensive than having window film installed. 


Having custom window film sizes cut by Concord Window Film is one of the options we offer to make window film installation as easy as it can be for DIY homeowners. It’s available for our flagship ComforTech Ceramic Series film only. The option can be found via a link on each of the five ComforTech shades product pages. 

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