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ComforTech Ceramic Series Window FIlm samples laid out from darkest to lightest to show the color or shade variation

How to select a shade of window film

Our ComforTech™ Ceramic Series film is the top choice dual-reflective, nano ceramic film for residential applications. But how do you know how to select a shade of window film? Our film comes in five performance colors or shades that you can choose from based on the issues you are trying to solve:

What Issue Are You Solving For?

UV Protection

All of our films block >99% of harmful UV rays because the UV-blocking material is integrated into the film’s adhesive and is independent of the shade of the film. So, if this is your main concern and you aren’t trying to solve for other issues, ComforTech™ 45 is our lightest film and it will look almost invisible on your windows.

Added Daytime Privacy

Window films are considered privacy when both the reflective materials and the film darkness combine to create a one-way mirror effect in certain lighting conditions. During the day, when the outside is brighter than the inside of the home, people on the exterior cannot see in, but you can comfortably see out.

While all of ComforTech™ Ceramic Series films offer some measure of daytime privacy, only ComforTech™ 05 and 15 should be considered when privacy is your main concern. Both the 05 and 15 shades offer terrific daytime privacy. 

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Solar, Glare, and Fade Control

Each of the shades in our Ceramic Series offers some measure of solar control, glare reduction, and fade control. The performance in each category varies by how dark the film is – the darker the film, the higher the performance for these issues. The choice becomes a decision of how dark you are willing to go to achieve the results.

The chart below shows all of the ComforTech™ shades and how they perform along all the metrics:


ComforTech Window Film Specifications Chart

Learn what each of the above window film terms means.

For example, you can see that our darkest film ComforTech™ 05 rejects the most energy at 82% (Total Solar Energy Rejected) and our lightest film ComforTech™ 45 rejects the least at 51%. Both will reduce the amount of heat coming into your home, just to varying degrees.

It comes down to your preference for how dark of a film you are comfortable with.

How to Select a Shade of Window Film

For help selecting the right shade for you visit our product simulator page where you can see the shades in a room setting. Or choose one of our recommended shades by the issue you want to solve:

Recommended Products

You can also order a sample kit of all our shades – including our matte white privacy film – to view in your own home.

ComforTech Ceramic Series Sample Kit Product Image crop

If you still have questions, connect us at 888-206-1414 or [email protected] and we’ll be happy to assist you.



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