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What Makes a Good Squeegee?

When it comes to installing window film, having the right tools can make a world of difference. One tool that stands out in importance is the squeegee. But what makes a good squeegee? Let’s delve into the characteristics that make a squeegee right for installing window film.

What Makes a Good Squeegee

Material Strength and Durability

A good squeegee should be made of materials that can withstand regular usage without deforming or breaking. It needs to have a minimum hardness or durometer to work with window film. Pro blades are made from high-quality, durable rubber or polymer blends. This not only gives a squeegee the hardness it needs, but also longevity ensuring it remains effective over time.


While material strength is crucial, flexibility in a tool is crucial for effective window film installation on flat glass. It ensures that the squeegee can glide smoothly over the surface, allowing for an even pressure distribution and ensuring that the film lays perfectly without air bubbles.

Edge Sharpness

A sharp edge on a squeegee ensures that it can effectively push out water and air bubbles from beneath the film. This is critical for achieving a smooth, bubble-free finish.

Ergonomic Design

A squeegee should be comfortable to hold and use, especially if you’re working on a large window or multiple windows. Things like a rubber handle that is soft to hold is important when working on multiple windows.

Easy Maintenance

A good squeegee should be easy to clean and maintain. Accumulated adhesive or dirt can interfere with the installation, leading to unsatisfactory results. If you will be doing multiple window film projects, it’s good to look for a squeegee system that includes a handle and separate blade. Removable blades can be replaced once the original has worn down.

Why Does a Good Squeegee Matter?

The squeegee might seem like a simple tool, but when it comes to flat glass window film installation, it plays a pivotal role. Without the right squeegee, there are numerous complications you might face. Let’s explore the problems that can arise without a quality squeegee:

Air Bubbles

One of the most common issues with window film installation is the formation of air bubbles. A squeegee with poor flexibility or sharpness may not effectively push out all the air trapped beneath the film, leading to unsightly bubbles that mar the film’s appearance.

Water Trapping

Window films typically require a wet installation, where a solution is sprayed onto the glass to help position the film. A good squeegee will efficiently push out this solution. Without it, water may become trapped between the glass and the film, leading to cloudy appearances or potential adhesion problems.

Inconsistent Adhesion

The right squeegee ensures that the adhesive on the film is applied evenly to the glass. An inferior tool might result in patchy adhesion, where certain areas of the film stick better than others. This can cause the film to peel or detach over time.

Scratches and Damage

A low-quality squeegee might not have a smooth edge, which could result in scratches or marks on the window film during installation. This can especially be an issue with delicate or high-end films.

Extended Drying Time

A proper squeegee helps expedite the drying process by effectively removing excess installation solution. Without this, the drying time can be prolonged, causing delays in project completion and potential issues with the film setting properly.

Increased Labor

Without an effective squeegee, the installer might find themselves going over the same area multiple times to ensure a smooth finish. This not only increases the time spent on the installation but also adds to labor costs if you’re hiring a professional.

Wasted Material

An improperly applied film due to a poor squeegee might need to be removed and redone, leading to wasted materials and added costs.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, while it may seem like a minor detail, selecting a high-quality squeegee is pivotal to ensure a smooth, professional-grade window film installation. Investing in the right squeegee can make your installation process smoother and more efficient. So be sure to take the time to make sure you have the right tool for the job and don’t go with something in your garage just because you have it!

Concord Window Film includes a professional-grade BlueMax Squeegee in our Window Film Installation Toolkit. BlueMax is a favorite of window film pros and the perfect squeegee to ensure a successful installation!

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