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Photo of a front entrance to a home with a storm door installed for a post on storm doors and issues they can present.

The Hidden Impact of Storm Doors: Door Damage, Off-Gassing, and Fading

Storm doors are a staple in many homes, particularly in regions with extreme weather conditions. While they offer increased protection and insulation, there’s a hidden side effect that homeowners may overlook: damage to the main door. This issue isn’t just about warping; it extends to off-gassing and paint fading. Let’s delve deeper into these problems and explore how they occur, their implications, and the solutions available.

Storm Doors Triple Threat: Warping, Off-Gassing, and Fading

Most storm doors are installed for two main reasons: (1) to allow homeowners to open their front door to allow light and ventilation into the home and (2) to protect the front entry door for weather damage.

Front doors or entry ways add a lot to the curb appeal to your home and are one of the first things guests encounter when visiting – so they are an important design component to your home.

And front entry doors can be very costly to replace. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2023 Cost vs. Value Survey prices range from around $2,200 (national average) for a steel front entry door to upwards of $10,000 for a fiberglass or wood front entry. With this much money tied up in your front entry.

Adding a storm door can be a good decision to help protect the longevity of your entry door. You just need to be aware of the issues storm doors can cause and take measures to prevent them:


The most visible form of damage, warping occurs due to the excessive heat buildup between the storm door and the main door. This is especially problematic for doors made of wood or vinyl, which are sensitive to temperature changes. Over time, the intense heat can cause the door to bend or twist, compromising its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.


This is a less known but equally concerning issue. Many doors, especially those made with synthetic materials, release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) when exposed to high temperatures. This off-gassing not only produces unpleasant odors but can also contribute to indoor air pollution, which might affect the health of the home’s inhabitants.

Paint Fading

Constant exposure to direct sunlight and high temperatures can lead to the fading of the paint on your main door. UV rays break down the chemical bonds in the paint, causing it to lose its color and luster. This not only affects the door’s appearance but may also require frequent repainting, adding to maintenance costs.

Solutions to Protect Your Main Door

There are steps you can take to enjoy the benefits of a storm door AND protect your main entry door:

Use of Window Film

Applying a high-quality window film, like those offered by Concord Window Film, can significantly reduce the amount of heat and UV rays that pass through the storm door. Our solar control ceramic window film, for instance, is designed to mitigate these issues by reflecting solar heat and blocking UV rays. This not only prevents warping and fading but also reduces the likelihood of off-gassing.

Adequate Ventilation

Ensuring that there is good airflow between the storm door and the main door can help in dissipating the trapped heat. Some storm doors are equipped with adjustable vents or screens to facilitate this.

Door Material and Color

If you’re selecting a new main door, consider materials that are less prone to warping and off-gassing, such as metal with a wooden core. Additionally, lighter colors tend to absorb less heat, which can be beneficial in reducing temperature build-up.

Regular Maintenance

Regularly inspect your door for signs of warping, fading, or off-gassing. Quick action can prevent further damage. This might include repainting with UV-resistant paint or adjusting the fit of the door to account for minor warping.

Storm Doors Conclusion

While storm doors are invaluable for their protective properties and ability to let in light and ventilation, they can inadvertently cause issues like warping, off-gassing, and paint fading to your main door. Being aware of these potential problems and implementing preventive measures, such as installing quality window film, can help in preserving the longevity and appearance of your main door.

For more information on how window films can protect your home, visit Concord Window Film. Our ceramic solar control films are designed to enhance your home’s comfort while protecting it from the hidden damages caused by storm doors. Find out more about our storm door solutions!

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