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Photo of a front entryway with the front door open revealing a full glass storm door for a post on storm door window film kits.

Storm Door Window Film Kits Are Here!

We are pleased to announce that we now have storm door window film kits available – with just the right amount of window tint for your storm door!

What are Storm Doors?

A storm door is a type of exterior door commonly found in homes across the United States, designed to provide an additional layer of protection against various weather conditions. Typically installed in front of an existing exterior door, a storm door serves several key purposes. It acts as a shield against rain, wind, and snow, helping to preserve the main door’s condition and insulation properties.

Most storm doors are composed of a combination of materials such as glass, wood, aluminum, or vinyl, and often feature interchangeable or retractable glass and screen panels. This versatility allows homeowners to enjoy natural light and ventilation during pleasant weather, while still offering the option of a more secure, weather-resistant barrier when needed.

In addition to weather protection, storm doors offer enhanced energy efficiency and security for the home. By creating an airlock effect, they reduce air leakage and improve insulation, contributing to lower energy costs by maintaining the indoor temperature.

The presence of a storm door also adds an extra layer of security, as it provides an additional barrier against potential intruders. Many modern storm doors include features like sturdy locks, reinforced frames, and shatter-resistant glass, further increasing the safety of the home.

Storm doors come in various styles and finishes, allowing homeowners to choose options that complement their home’s architecture and aesthetic, making them a practical and attractive addition to any residence. Major storm door manufacturers include: Larsen Storm Doors, Andersen Windows, and Pella.

Why Storm Door Window Film Kits?

We have received many calls from homeowners asking us if our film can be used on storm doors (yes! Our film can be used on any glass door) because their storm doors are causing too much heat build-up between it and the main door.

This heat build-up (especially when the front door is a dark color) can lead to damage to the front door including fading of the main door’s finish and warping of the main door itself. Practically, it also makes it difficult to operate the door because the metal door hardware often gets so hot it can’t be touched without fear of getting burned. Read more about storm door issues here.

Applying a solar control window film like ComforTech™ Ceramic Series to the door is a great way to reduce heat build-up and storm door issues. We recommend our 05, 15, or 25 for the best heat rejection (remember the darker you go, the better the solar control performance). See the performance specifications for all shades (TSER is the relevant spec – the higher the better):

ComforTech™ Ceramic Series Performance Specifications:

ComforTech Ceramic Series Window Film Performance Specifications Chart for a post about glare and laptop eye strain

Learn the meaning of all window film performance specifications here.

In addition to heat reduction, with our 05, 15, and 25 shade films, you will also get daytime privacy from the film. So feel free to leave the front door open on temperate days to let the light in – but not the views! Everything going on in your house won’t be on display for the neighborhood to see 😊 Learn more about daytime privacy film here.

What are Storm Door Window Film Kits?

In response to the desire for a solar control solution just for storm doors – we created the storm door window film kits. The storm door window film kits are available for all five shades of our ComforTech™ Ceramic Series solar control film.

The kit includes one piece of 36” x 76” film that will fit most standard-size storm doors on the market today. To be sure it’s a fit, measure the glass insert of your storm door from the edge of the frame to the edge of the frame.

Kits are available as an option in the pull-down menus of the ComforTech™ product pages. Simply choose “Storm Door” under Window Type:

Screenshot of ComforTech Ceramic Series Window Film Order Screen showing how to choose storm door film kits

And then choose “1 Window Kit” under Product Type as shown below:

Screenshot of ComforTech Ceramic Series Window Film Order Screen showing how to choose 1 kit of storm door film kits


Concord’s new Storm Door Kit provides just the right amount of film for you to tint your storm door. If you are having a heat build-up problem with your storm door, consider installing solar control ComforTech™ Ceramic Series film to reject the heat and protect your entry door.

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