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Sliding Glass Door Tint: The Best DIY Option

Are you looking for sliding glass door tint to lessen the amount of bright sunlight or heat pouring into your home? Is the heat from your slider melting your luxury plank flooring (like one recent customer!) or making your room unbearably hot? Is your AC running on overdrive? Are you afraid to open your electricity bill?

If any of these things are true, we’ve got a solution: sliding glass door tint.

What is Sliding Glass Door Tint?

Sliding glass door tint is the same solar control window film you might install on your windows – just in a size large enough for a patio door or slider.

Solar control window film is a type of plastic film that attaches to glass to reject or absorb the heat coming from the sun so it doesn’t enter your home. The film is installed on the inside of the slider.

How Does Sliding Glass Door Tint Work?

Sliding glass door tint does this through an “active ingredient” in the film like dyes, metals or nano-ceramic particles that reflect and absorb the sun’s energy. Learn more about how window film is made here.

Learn how sliding glass door tint works:

Title page for a video on how window film works for a blog post on sliding glass door tint.

How to Choose a Shade of Sliding Glass Door Tint

Choosing the correct shade of sliding glass door tint depends on a couple of things:

  • the problem you are trying to solve (heat, glare, fading, UV protection, privacy)
  • how dark you are comfortable going with the film shade

Sliding Glass Door Tint Performance Specifications

In general, for most issues (other than UV protection) the darker the shade you choose, the better the performance will be. All professional film is rated by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) on several performance specifications so that films can be compared across brands.

Below are the performance specifications for our ComforTech™ Ceramic Series film:

ComforTech Ceramic Series Window Film Performance Specifications Chart for a post about glare and laptop eye strain

Click here to learn more about the key sliding door tint performance specifications and what the terminology means.

Choosing a Shade of Sliding Glass Door Tint

Take Product Recommendation Quiz

The best way to choose the shade of sliding glass door tint that is right for you is to use our Product Recommendation Quiz. In a few short questions, we will recommend the correct shade for your unique situation.


Order a Sample Kit

After you take the quiz, you still may want to see the shades of film for yourself before you buy. Perfectly reasonable!

We offer a window film sample kit that has all five shades of ComforTech™ Ceramic Series film, along with a sample of our Matte White and Silver 15 Reflective films.

ComforTech Ceramic Series Sample Kit showing window film samples available

The sample kit costs $5 to order (shipping included) but includes a $5 off coupon you can use on your film purchase.

Click here for more on how to use our window film sample kit.

Order a sample kit today to feel our quality and see how the film will look in your own environment.

Ordering Sliding Glass Door Tint

Concord Window Film offers sliding glass door window film kits for all five of our ComforTech™ Ceramic Series shades of film. We call them patio door kits.

Each patio door window film kit comes with two pieces of 36” wide X 76” long window film in the shade of your choice. This is enough film to cover most standard sliding glass doors, patio doors, or French doors.

Ordering Sliding Glass Door Tint Kits

Once you’ve chosen the shade of ComforTech™ Ceramic Series window film you want, navigate to that page on our site:

Links to ComforTech™ Product Pages:

When you are on the product page, you will see a couple of dropdown menus called Window Type and Product Type.

Screenshot of the ComforTech Ceramic Series Window Film Product Page highlighting the dropdown order options for a post on Sliding Glass Door Tint


Under Window Type, you’ll choose Patio Door:


Screenshot of the ComforTech Ceramic Series Window Film Product Page Window Type dropdown order options showng the Patio Door option for a post on Sliding Glass Door Tint

Then under Product Type you’ll choose 1 Window Kit:

Screenshot of the ComforTech Ceramic Series Window Film Product Page Product Type dropdown order options showing the 1 Window Kit option for a post on Sliding Glass Door Tint

As mentioned above, each Patio Door kit comes with two panels of film large enough (36”x76”) to fit the majority of standard sliding glass door sizes in the U.S. The kits cost $99.00 each plus $5 shipping. If you purchase precut kits over $100 (or add in our Installation Tool Kit to your order), shipping will be free.

Ordering for Other Door Sizes

We offer alternatives if the Patio Door Kit does not have enough film for your doors:

Custom Cut Kits

For larger doors outside of the kit dimensions, our ComforTech™ Ceramic Series film is also available in rolls or can be custom ordered to fit your window dimensions. Click the link here to reach out Custom Kit Ordering page. And read here about how to order Custom Kits.

Single Door Kits

If you have a single patio door that you are looking to film, we do offer a kit with a single piece of 36” x 76” film and that is called a Storm Door Kit. You’ll find that under the Window Type dropdown menu.

Shop Sliding Glass Door Tint

Ready to shop film? Click below to choose your ComforTech shade and purchase film!

Installing Sliding Glass Door Tint

Installing sliding glass door tint yourself is an easy DIY project with the right film, tools and instructions.

Why ComforTech™ Ceramic Series is Easier to Install

ComforTech™ Ceramic Series film is easier than most online or big box DIY brands because it is the same film the pros used – not a cheaper, watered down version of window film. It is thicker and easier to handle and has a dry adhesive so it isn’t sticky when you remove the liner, making installation so much easier.

Read more about why ComforTech™ Ceramic Series is superior to other online window film brands.

How to Install Sliding Glass Door Tint

Watch our window film installation video to learn how easy it is to install our sliding glass door tint kits:

Or if you prefer to read the instructions, you can download our Window Film Installation Guide here.

Sliding Glass Door Tint Summary

If you’ve got a sliding glass door that is causing you trouble by making your house too hot, fading your hardwood floors (or melting your luxury vinyl plank!), or letting in nosy neighbors prying eyes, let professional-grade window film solve your problem!

ComforTech™ Ceramic Series film from Concord Window Film is the professional choice for DIYers. It’s the same film the pros will install in your home, but you’ll save money installing it yourself.

Adding sliding glass door tint to your patio doors is a great weekend project that can be completed in less than half a day!

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