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3 Problems Buying Window Tint Online and How to Avoid Them!

In the era of online shopping, purchasing window tint for your home has become more accessible than ever. However, while this convenience is undeniable, there are three problems and pitfalls to be aware of when buying window tint online.

Let’s dive into three common problems you might face and how Concord Window Film addresses them.

3 Problems Buying Window Tint Online

One of the major issues we see is the lack of good, transparent information online about window film. Online sellers often don’t disclose the technology they are selling (dyed, metallic, ceramic) and the actual performance specifications of the film.

What’s worse is most online DIY sources are often just doing “round-up” blog posts of affiliate-linked products – mostly from Amazon – where they’ve done no actual research and are simply listing amazon products where they make a commission if you purchase from their link.

For example this link from a onetime trusted source for home improvement information illustrates this perfectly. The only films listed on the “best of list” are things you can buy on Amazon – which are mostly cheap Chinese knock-offs. Nowhere do you see the names of the actual top window film manufacturers. And this is the result Google returns as #1.

All of this muddies the water for the homeowner trying to make a decision on which window film to buy while attempting to avoid problems buying window film online. As a company that specializes in selling window film online we understand these challenges and offer solutions to ensure a positive purchase for DIY homeowners.

1. Difficulty in Choosing the Right Product


One of the biggest challenges in purchasing window tint online is selecting the right type of film for your specific needs. Are you looking for maximum heat rejection/solar control? Are you trying to protect your furniture from fading? Are you looking for daytime privacy – or privacy 24/7?

These are just some of the issues facing homeowners looking to purchase window tint that aren’t well addressed by big box or online tint. Often films you can buy online are only offered in one shade or VLT – and you don’t always know what it is. Other times they are selling you the darkest tint they have to cover all of the bases.

Our Solution

At Concord Window Film, we provide the basics of window film, give our film’s performance specifications, and explain what all the window film terms mean. We also offer homeowners a comprehensive online guide that explains our film and how to install it.

In addition, we sell a sample kit which provides pieces of all of our window film so you can see the film in your home and choose the shade that is right for you.

Additionally, we provide personalized customer service to answer any questions and guide you in selecting the perfect film for your home. Call us anytime we are here to help.

2. Concerns Over Quality and Effectiveness


When you buy window tint online, you can’t physically inspect the product before purchase. This leads to concerns about the quality and effectiveness of the film. Will it provide adequate UV protection? Will it effectively reduce glare and heat?

Most online window films don’t give you much information on the type of film you are buying. There are several window film technologies out there – how do you know if you are buying a dyed film, a metallic film, or a ceramic film?

What’s more, most online film companies don’t provide any, or a full set of the film’s performance specifications. Has the film been rated by the NFRC – our industry’s rating body? If you can’t see the film’s TSER SGHC or VLT – the big three specs that are important for homeowners – how do you know if the film will do what you want it to do?

Below is a sample chart from an Amazon film. Looking closely at the chart, the first thing you see is that they are actually selling you a temporary static cling film – not a permanent professional-grade product. Next, you see that the UV rejection varies per product – not bad but Concord’s films all block 99% of UV rays.

Now here’s where things get interesting – they reference infrared rays as a metric. The NFRC (the rating body for the window and window film industry) does not use infrared measurements to rate windows or film. And the IWFA the governing association of window film recently put out a memo on how infrared percentages are misleading to homeowners (you can read more about the IWFA infrared memo here) – so this is immediately a red flag. You don’t know how much heat is actually getting rejected because there is no standard for infrared measurements (and besides the entire electromagnetic spectrum causes heat not just IR rays).

Chart of an online window tint product for a post on problems buying window tint online

Finally, they give you the same specification twice – the VLT – for visible light transmission which is a standard measure for window film and then they subtract the VLT from 100 to give you how much light is blocked – which is useless because you get this from the VLT.

The bottom line is that no real window film company reports performance specifications like this – only companies that either (a) don’t have a full set of real measurements from the NFRC to provide or (b) the film doesn’t have great performance specifications to share.

Our Solution

Concord Window Film prides itself on offering only professional-grade films. Our products are rigorously tested to ensure they meet high standards of quality and effectiveness. We provide detailed specifications for our film to give you confidence in the performance of our films. 

ComforTech Ceramic Series Window Film Performance Specifications Chart for a post about glare and laptop eye strain

3. Challenges with Installation


For DIY homeowners, the prospect of installing window film themselves can be daunting. Incorrect installation can lead to issues like air bubbles, peeling, and reduced effectiveness of the film. Also an inferior product will be more difficult to install.

The reality is that most of the films you can purchase online are thin 1mil films that crinkle and crease easily when handled.

Amazon Review 3 -

Source: Amazon

They also have a pressure-sensitive adhesive that is more difficult to work with than a dry adhesive. The film can stick to itself or other objects once the liner is removed.

Screenshot of an amazon review of a online window film for a post on problems buying window tint online

Source: Amazon

Finally, who are you going to call for installation help? If you are buying film from Amazon made in China – will they be able to help you?

Our Solution

We understand that installing an unfamiliar product like window film can feel daunting, which is why we offer comprehensive, easy-to-follow installation guides and video tutorials on our website. These resources are designed to make the installation process as simple and error-free as possible.

And what’s more, our customer service team is always ready to provide tips and assistance to ensure a successful DIY installation. We are a U.S.-based company and only an email ([email protected]), chat, or phone call (888-206-1413) away.

Our ComforTech™ Ceramic Series window film is very easy to handle and install for two reasons:

Dry adhesive

Our film has a dry adhesive that is not sticky when you remove the liner. The adhesive needs to be activated with water to bond. Read more about the types of window film adhesives.


The 2Mil thickness of our film means it’s more robust which makes it easier to handle. It won’t crinkle or crease like other 1mil films.

Problems Buying Window Tint Online Conclusion

Buying window tint online comes with its set of challenges, but at Concord Window Film, we are committed to providing solutions that make your online purchasing experience as smooth and satisfying as possible.

From selecting the right window film to ensuring its quality and aiding in installation, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Visit us at to start your journey toward a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.

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