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Collage of window film installed on customers windows

Window Film Installed: Real Examples

Thinking about window film but want to see some window film installed? We’ve got you covered with this blog post where we show you some home installations of our window film!

Window Film Installed Examples

Window Film Installed: ComforTech™ 25

Breakfast Nook

This customer took her very bright breakfast nook from glaring to comfortable in this video. And she got some daytime privacy to boot with the installation of ComforTech™ 25 Ceramic Series film.

See her dining nook before:

Picture of a sunny dining room nook for a window film before and after transformation case study

And after installing ComforTech 25™:

After picture of bay window with ComforTech 25 window film installed

And the outside before:

Exterior shot of a bay window before window film is installed

And the privacy after:

Exterior photo of bay windows after installation of ComforTech 25 Ceramic Series window film from Concord Window Film

Sliding Glass Doors

This customer made his wife happy with the installation of ComforTech™ Ceramic Series Window film for privacy. Check out the before and after and how the film adds daytime privacy while allowing you to keep your views out and light in!

See before and after of the film on the inside of the window:

ComforTech 25 film and no film comparison

And the privacy he got after installation:

Before and after shots of a ComforTech 25 installation for a case study

Dining Room

This customer was looking to reduce heat and prevent fading with ComforTech™ 25 in their dining room. See how the filmed window makes the views out much clearer by reducing glare? It’s like sunglasses for your windows!

Photo of a double hung window with ComforTech 25 installed on the bottom sash and nothing on the top sash for a blog entitled window film installed

Window Film Installed: ComforTech™ 15

Lake House

This customer needed to cut the heat coming into his lake home and provide daytime privacy as well. He achieved this with the help of ComforTech™ 15 ceramic series window film!

Interior shot

Photo of COmforTech 15 installed on a window of a lake house for a blog post entitled Window Film Installed

Exterior Shot:

Photo of ComforTech 15 installed on the exterior of a window of a lake house for a blog post entitled Window Film Installed

Stay at Home Mom

This stay at home mom wanted to reduce harmful UV rays from coming into her home and add daytime privacy. ComforTech™ 15 was her choice to protect her family from UV and prying eyes.

Work from Home

This #WFHlife customer needed to cool down her home office and cut down on glare. ComforTech™ 15 to the rescue!

LA Living

This Angelino wanted to lower his electric bill and add daytime privacy to his large bedroom woindows with ComforTech™ 15.

Window Film Installed: ComforTech™ 45

Piano Man

This customer wanted to prevent fading of his grand piano but didn’t want to change the look of his windows. He chose ComforTech™ 45 to block harmful UV rays as well as reduce heat and light coming into the room.

Photo of a window with ComforTech 45 Ceramic Window Film installed for a blog post entitled, Window Film Installed

Window Film Installed: Matte White Privacy

Sweet Dreams

This customer was looking for day and nighttime privacy for his bedroom windows. He got that will our Matte White Privacy film.

Window Film Installed: How-to Install

Inspired to improve the comfort of your space with window film? It’s easier than you think to install. Especially with our comprehensive installation instructions and easy to follow videos. 

Key features that make our ComforTech Ceramic Series window film easy to install are:

  • 2 MIL thick – our film is substanial – twice as thick as what you can buy at the big box stores – which makes it easy to handle and harder to wrinkle or crease
  • Dry adhesive – our film has a dry adhesive that needs to be activated with water before it sticks. No more worrying about film sticking to itself or anything else except the glass during install

Watch our installation video:

Or download the instructions here:

Concord Window Film Installation Guide

Window Film Installed Summary

Installing window film is a great upgrade to existing windows that aren’t keeping your house comfortable. Whether you want to reduce heat and save energy, block UV, prevent fading, reduce glare, or add daytime privacy – we’ve got a film to help you!

Visit the Concord Window Film site to learn more. Our film is rated by the National Fenestration Rating Council for performance and is professional grade!

And if you have questions about what shade to use, take our Product Recommendation Quiz – it will guide you to the right shade for you!  Or purchase one of our window film sample kits. The kits come with a 5″ x 7″ piece of all 5 shades of our ComforTech™ Ceramic Series Window Film, along with a piece of our Matte White Privacy film and a piece of our Silver 15 Reflective film. Shop Concord Window Film Sample Kit.

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