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Reflective Window Film For Homes: 4 Top Choices

Are you looking for reflective window film for homes?

You are in good company. Reflective window films have become an increasingly popular retrofit to existing windows for privacy. But they don’t just enhance privacy; they also offer superior solar control, making your home more comfortable and energy-efficient.

Concord Window Film proudly offers two high-quality reflective window film for homes: ComforTech™ Ceramic in three shades and Silver Reflective 15. Each is tailored to meet your different needs and preferences.

In this article, we’ll delve into the benefits of these films and help you decide which is the best choice for your home.

Reflective Window Film for Homes: What it is

Reflective window film is a type of window treatment applied to glass surfaces to reduce the amount of sunlight that passes through. It’s designed to reflect solar energy, which includes visible light, ultraviolet (UV) rays, and infrared (IR) rays, away from the window.

It achieves this by using reflective materials and/or dyes in the manufacturing process. These materials reflect the sun’s energy away from the window, keeping it out of your home. Depending on the technology, metals or highly reflective nanoceramic particles are used.

Check out the video below for more information on how window film works:

Benefits of Reflective Window Film for Homes

Why install reflective window film for homes? There are many reasons homeowners are looking to install the best reflective window film. Chief among them are:

Heat Reduction

By reflecting (and absorbing) the sun’s energy, reflective window film reduces the amount of heat that enters your home. Films that both reflect and absorb light offer greater heat reduction than films that absorb only.

ComforTech™ Ceramic Series Performance Specs

ComforTech Ceramic Series Window Film Performance Specifications Chart for a post about glare and laptop eye strain

Silver 15 Reflective Performance Specs

Silver 15 Reflective Window Film Performance Specifications for a blog post on Reflective Window Film for Homes

Energy Efficiency

Hand in hand with heat reduction comes energy efficiency. By blocking solar energy and reducing heat gain, reflective window films can significantly lower your cooling costs, especially during hot summer months. In fact the Department of Energy classifies window film an energy efficient window covering.

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Glare Reduction

Reflective films are excellent for reducing glare on TV and computer screens and creating a more comfortable indoor environment. It does this by reducing the amount of visible light entering a room. The lower a film’s VLT or visible light transmission, the more glare reduction it will provide.

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Enhanced Privacy

During the day, reflective films make it difficult for outsiders to see inside your home, providing an added layer of privacy. They do this by creating a one-way mirror effect when it is brighter outside than inside.

The benefit of a daytime privacy film is that it still allows light into a space and doesn’t block the view to the outdoors. If 24/7 privacy is needed, many homeowners pair a reflective window film with shades or blinds. The shades/blinds can be pulled at night when light and views are not a factor.

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ComforTech™ Ceramic Series Reflective Shades

The ComforTech™ series offers five shades: 45, 35, 25, 15, and 05. Each number represents the amount of visible light transmitted through the film, so lower numbers mean darker films. Three of the ComforTech™ shades have enough exterior reflectivity to be considered reflective window film for homes.

ComforTech™ 25:

This is the lightest reflective window film for homes we offer. With 25% light transmission, it balances natural light with daytime privacy and solar control. ComforTech™ 25 is a moderate option that gives a more neutral look.

ComforTech™ 15:

This darker shade is a step up from 25, offering terrific privacy as well as heat and glare reduction. ComforTech™ is a great choice for homes that need significant heat reduction.

ComforTech™ 05:

This is our darkest option, offering the highest level of privacy and solar control. ComforTech™ 05 is perfect for areas with intense sun exposure and for maximum privacy in varying exterior conditions (think cloudy, dark days).

Dual Reflectivity: The Unique Advantage of ComforTech™ Ceramic Series

A standout feature of the ComforTech™ Ceramic series is its dual reflectivity. Dual reflectivity means that the film has two different levels of reflectivity on the inside and outside of the film.

The exterior has a reflective finish that provides excellent solar control and privacy during the day. The interior side has a less reflective finish, which maintains your home’s natural appearance from the inside and improves nighttime visibility. This unique feature offers the best of both worlds – privacy and unobstructed views.

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Silver Reflective 15: The Classic Choice

Silver Reflective 15 window film is a metallic film and popular choice for those seeking a classic reflective look.

With 15% visible light transmission, it provides a similar level of privacy and solar control as the ComforTech™ 15 but with a more pronounced reflective appearance. It’s an excellent option for those who prefer a traditional mirrored window film look. Or those on a budget.

Reflective Window Film for Homes Summary

Reflective window film for home is an effective and economical way to enhance the comfort, privacy, and energy efficiency of a space. It’s particularly beneficial in areas with intense sunlight and for rooms where controlling light and heat is important.

Choosing the right reflective window film depends on your specific needs. Whether you prefer the neutral and dual-reflective appeal of ComforTech™ Ceramic shades 05, 15, and 25 or the classic mirror look of Silver Reflective 15, Concord Window Film has the perfect solution for your home.

Remember, installing window film is a straightforward DIY project, and we provide all the guidance you need to achieve professional-grade results. Enhance your home’s comfort, privacy, and energy efficiency today with Concord Window Film’s best reflective window films.

Visit our website at explore our range of reflective window film for homes and find the best fit for your space.

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