Limited Product Warranty

Concord Window Film, LLC (the “Seller”) warrants Concord Window Film brand window filmsagainst manufacturing defects for a period of two years per the limits expressly stated withinthis warranty. 

Residential coverage starts from the date the film was purchased, extends to the original buyer,is not transferable, and is only applicable on interior vertical glass installations in the USA andCanada. Concord Window Film’s warranty liability is limited to the replacement of only suchquantity of window film found to be defective under this limited product warranty. This warrantydoes not include coverage for fade or change of color of any interior items or furnishings.

The Seller’s obligations to the purchaser, whether such claim is based in contract, negligence,tort or otherwise, shall be solely as provided herein and damages and remedies shall be solelyas provided hereunder. In no event shall the Seller be liable for installation costs of replacementfilm or for removing the defective film.


There are no warranties which extend beyond that which is described above. Concord WindowFilm warrants the window film product only and does not warrant against improper applicationof the films, poor installation technique, contamination, improper or inaccurate measuring and/or trimming. There is no coverage for any loss or damage caused by cleaning abuse and/orany non-complying uses of the film. This limited product warranty does not include coverage for(TSF) Thermal Shock Fracture or (IGU) Insulated Glass Unit seal failure.

Except as prohibited by applicable law, the Seller hereby disclaims liability for any indirect,incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages arising from any cause whatsoever.Except as expressly provided herein, the Seller hereby excludes and disclaims any and allexpress warranties and, except during the warranty period set forth above, also excludes anddisclaims any and all implied warranties, including the implied warranties of merchantability andfitness for a particular purpose. This limited product warranty is made in lieu of all warrantiesexpressed or implied. This warranty may give you specific legal rights which can vary from stateto state.

Product Warranty Claims

In the event of a manufacturing defect under the terms of this warranty, original buyer can contact:

Concord Window Film Warranty Service Department
141 Parker Street, Suite 105
Maynard, MA 01754

(888) 206-1413
[email protected].

Upon claim verification, Concord Window Film will replace the film as called for in the limitedproduct warranty. Warranty service does not renew or extend the original term of this warranty. No warranty claim can be processed without copies of the following documents:

  • Original buyer’s bill-of-sale from Concord Window Film
  • Concord Window Film Warranty Claim Form completed in its entirety