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Slip-Tack Substitutes: 2 Acceptable Alternatives

Are there Slip-Tack substitutes? We get asked this question once in a while – mainly by customers who have not purchased our Installation Toolkit. The toolkit includes a bottle of Slip-Tack. Sometimes folks already have a window film-appropriate squeegee and other tools necessary to get the job done and may just be missing the Slip-Tack, so they ask what else can be used as a substitute. This post answers that!

What is Slip-Tack Solution

Slip-Tack is a specialized solution needed during the installation of window film. Because it comes in contact with the adhesive side of the film, it is important to use a solution that is pure with minimal ingredients that won’t compromise the clarity of the window film.

Slip-Tack Functions

Slip-Tack performs some important functions in the window film installation process. So when considering about Slip-Tack substitutes, we want to ensure they can perform the same functions.

Ease of Positioning:

Its primary function is to provide a slippery surface on the glass, allowing the film to be easily slid into position and adjusted for perfect alignment. Slip-tack reduces friction, making it easier to maneuver the film on the glass without creasing or damaging it. 

Adhesive Activation:

Once the film is correctly placed, the slip-tack solution assists in activating the adhesive, ensuring a strong, long-lasting bond between the film and the window.

Window Prep:

In our installation process at Concord Window Film, the Slip-Tack solution does double-duty. It is also used for cleaning the window before film installation.

Slip-Tack Substitutes

While we recommend using professional-grade slip-tack solutions like those available at Concord Window Film, we understand that sometimes you might need a quick slip-tack substitute. Two common household items can serve as effective alternatives:

Dawn Dish Detergent


Use a teaspoon, per quart of water.


It’s gentle, effective, and doesn’t leave a residue.

We can’t vouch for other dish soap, so we only recommend using the Dawn brand of dish detergent. You can purchase Dawn at any grocery store, Walmart, Target, or online at

Baby Shampoo


Similar to Dawn, a teaspoon per quart of water.


It’s mild, low in irritants, and provides the necessary lubrication for film adjustment.

By its nature baby shampoo is a very mild soap, so the brand is not critical here. You can use baby shampoo from any store like Walmart, Target, or pharmacy chains like CVS or Walgreens.

The Importance of Proper Tools in Window Film Installation

While we understand that Slip-Tack substitutes sometimes make sense, we do want to reiterate that using the correct window film installation tools will lead to a successful film installation. Poor tools can not only make the job harder but can also risk damaging both the film and your windows.

Benefits of Using Professional Tools

Precision and Ease:

Professional tools are designed to precisely fit and smooth out the film, reducing air bubbles and ensuring a clean, professional finish.

Protection of Film:

The right squeegee won’t scratch or tear the film. If you choose to use your own tools to install the film we cannot take responsibility for any damage done to the film.

Longevity of Installation:

Proper tools help ensure the film adheres correctly, extending its life and performance.

Concord Window Film’s Installation Toolkit

At Concord Window Film, we offer a comprehensive Installation Toolkit that includes everything you need for a successful DIY window film installation. From Slip-Tack, to knives to made-for-window-film squeegees, our toolkit is designed to help you achieve professional results, even if you’re a first-time installer.

Read more about Concord’s Installation Toolkit here. Or order an installation toolkit here.


While Slip-Tack substitutes like Dawn dish detergent and baby shampoo can work in a pinch, you cannot substitute proper window film tools for your installation job. Concord Window Film is committed to providing DIY homeowners with professional-grade products and the knowledge to use them effectively. Remember, the right preparation and tools are the keys to a flawless window film installation.

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