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Myth: Window Film Can Prevent 100% of Fading

One of the great benefits of window film is how it helps prevent fading. But one thing we get asked is if window film can prevent 100% of fading. And the answer is: no. Window film does not prevent 100% of fading. However, it can significantly reduce the amount of fading caused by UV rays, visible light, and solar heat. 

How Does Window Film Prevent Fading

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UV Rays

UV rays are one of the primary causes of fading. Most quality window films (including Concord Window Films) can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays. This significantly reduces the fading caused by UV exposure.

Visible Light

Visible light, especially the blue and violet portions, can also contribute to fading. Window films can reduce the amount of visible light that passes through your windows, which can help in reducing fading. ComforTech Ceramic Series window film’s five shades have varying amounts of visible light transmission ranging from 45% VLT with our ComforTech 45 to 7% VLT with our ComforTech 05. (You can see all of ComforTech’s Performance Specifications here.)

Solar Heat

Excessive heat can accelerate fading. Window films can reduce solar heat gain, thereby diminishing the heat-induced fading. The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (or SHGC) of a film tells you how much heat the film lets through the glass. The lower the coefficient the less heat is let through. ComforTech Ceramic Series films have SHGC’s ranging from .48 for ComforTech 45 to .18 for ComforTech 05.

Other Causes

Fading can also be caused by internal factors such as artificial lighting, humidity, and age. It can even be caused by the heat from bodies sitting on the furniture or the friction of vacumming or cleaning the furniture. Window film does not protect against these causes.


It’s worth noting that while window film offers significant protection against the main contributors to fading, it’s impossible to prevent fading entirely. Over time, all materials will show signs of wear and fading due to a combination of various factors. However, a professional-grade window film, like Concord Window Film, can greatly extend the life and appearance of furnishings, flooring, artworks, and other materials susceptible to fading.

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