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How much window film should you order?

Made the smart decision to purchase window film? Great choice! Now let’s go over how much window film to order so you can be on your way to a more comfortable and efficient home!

A bit of window vocabulary

Before we dive into how much window film to order, it’s important to get clear on some window industry-specific vocabulary:


There are two main meanings of the term “glazing” when talking about windows.

The glass itself:

The glass inside of a window is called the “glazing.” This can be single, double, or triple glazed, depending on the number of panes of glass.

The putty that holds the glass in place:

The putty that is used to hold the glass in place in a window frame is also called “glazing.” This putty is typically made of a mixture of whiting, linseed oil, and turpentine.

The process:

The term “glazing” can also refer to the process of installing the glass in a window frame. This process involves cleaning the frame, applying the putty, and then setting the glass in place.

For our purposes, we are using glazing to refer to the glass in a window.

A diagram showing the three basic parts of a window: the glazing, sash and frame for a post on how much window film to order


The window sash is the frame that surrounds the piece of glass. It is typically made from wood, aluminum, vinyl, or some other composite material.

The sash can also refer to the entire unit of glass plus the frame around it. This is how we will use the term sash in this article.


The window frame is made up of four pieces of material (usually wood, vinyl, aluminum, or composite material) that holds the sash or sashes of a window. It is made up of two jambs (pieces along the sides), a header, and a sill.

The window frame is what is attached to the wall of a structure to hold the window in place.

Window Types

With that knowledge under your belt, you’ll now determine what type of window you have.

Why is this important, you may be asking? Well, we offer window kits with pre-cut pieces of film based on your window type to make installation easier. So, you determine what kind of window you have to see if you can use one of our kits.

There are several different types of windows types on the market today: single-hung, double-hung, casement, and sliding/gliding.

A diagram showing three different types of windows: single/double-hung, casement windows and gliding.sliding windows

Single and Double Hung windows

These are the most common windows in the United States. Both have two sashes (a pane of glass surrounded by a wood frame) that sit on top of each other. In single-hung windows, only the bottom sash moves up and down. The top sash is stationary. Double-hung windows look the same, but both sashes move up and down.

Casement and sliding (sometimes called gliding) windows

Each of these window types has two sashes that are mounted next to each other in the frame. The sashes of casement windows pivot out by using a crank on the inside of the window. These are commonly used over kitchen sinks or counters. With sliding/gliding windows, one sash can slide behind the other to open the window.

In addition to the above window types, we also offer a standard sliding glass patio door kit.

How much film is in each kit

Each of our kits comes with two pieces of pre-cut film – one for the glass in each sash. The sizes of each piece of film are made to cover most of the common window sizes used in the U.S. today:

A chart showing the sizes of the film in Concord Window Film's window film kits

Measuring the glass

Once you’ve determined your window type and know what kit is appropriate, the next step is to measure the glass portion of your windows.

A diagram showing how to measure the glass in a window for a blog post on how much window film to order

Using a tape measure, measure the width from the inside of the frame to the inside of the frame. Do not include the frame.  Do the same for height.

How much window film to order?

Now add at least one inch to each measurement to account for trimming film to size. Note down the measurements and compare them to the chart above. As long as your measurements are the same or less than those given above, then our standard kits will work for your windows.

Please note that the pieces of film can be oriented either way. For example, we say the pieces of double-hung film measure 36” wide X 30” high. But, you can use that piece of film on a window that is 28” wide and 34” high by changing the orientation of the film.

Also, consider that you can cut the film yourself to meet your needs. We’ve had customers with extra tall casement windows purchase our Patio Door kits to accommodate the greater height.

What if your kits don’t work for me?

Our kits are made to fit the most common sizes of each of these types of windows, so it may be that your window is larger than the film in our kit allows. Or maybe you have unique or large windows that don’t fit these characteristics. No worries! We also offer rolls of film in the following sizes:

36” x 25’
36” x 50’
36” x 100’
60” x 25’
60” x 50’
60” x 100’

While we try to offer a pre-cut kit for ease and efficiency, we do offer solutions for any window size and shape.


Deciding how much window film to order is easy! Once you understand some of the terms and can identify your window type, you’re off to a great start. Just measure the glass in your windows, add 1” to each side, and compare your measurements to the pre-cut film dimensions available in our kits. If your windows fit within these dimensions, our kits provide an efficient solution. Also, don’t forget that you can change the orientation of the film or even cut it yourself for a custom fit. For those with larger or uniquely shaped windows, our rolls of film offer a flexible solution. No matter what your window size or shape is, we’ve got you covered with our range of window film options. Order Concord’s DIY window film today and step into a more comfortable and energy-efficient space.

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