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Matte White Privacy Film on a bathroom window

Matte White Window Film Ideas

Matte white window film is a popular choice for homeowners looking to enhance privacy and reduce glare while maintaining a clean and modern appearance. At Concord Window Film, we offer top-quality matte white privacy film designed for DIY installation. In this post we’ll look at some matte white film ideas!

Why Matte White Film?

Our matte white window film is an excellent option for various applications, including creating a frosted or matte appearance on glass surfaces. It diffuses light, providing privacy without compromising natural illumination. In fact, our Matte White Window Film still allows 66% of visible light into a space. And the white color keeps the space bright!

This film is fantastic for day and nighttime privacy for rooms like bedrooms, bathrooms and home offices.

Matte White Film Ideas

Front Doors

Front door with matte white window film on the glass

Many of the most popular entry door designs include glass in the door or glass transoms as part of the unit. These designs are beautiful and let in light, brightening up foyers. But, they also expose you to everyone who approaches your home – do you really want prying eyes looking into your private sphere?

Matte White Window Film is a great way to add privacy at the front door. Our film mimics expensive white-lami or frosted glass that you could purchase with a front door. Matte white window film gives the same look for a fraction of the cost!


Bedroom with matte white privacy film on the windows

Bedrooms are another spot where you may need day and night time privacy depending on how your home is situated. If you want to keep others out of your bedroom, matte white privacy film is a good choice. It keeps the room light and bright during the day while keeping out nosy neighbors.


Matte White Privacy Film on a bathroom window

It goes without saying that bathrooms are private spaces. If your powder room or main bath window is facing a neighbor’s window or is on the first floor of your home, window film can help you create the sanctuary you need.

Home Offices

Home office with privacy window film on french doors
Source: Bless’er House

Many homes these days come equipped with a first-floor home office. And because they tend to be smaller rooms, builders use French doors to create a sense of space.

But home offices are work spaces and as such, need privacy. And not just for the work that is taking place, but also to hide the work in progress that may be lying about. Enter Matte White Privacy Film – this film will hide the clutter and give the space much-needed privacy without sacrificing on light.


To shop our matte white window film and to explore our full range of window film products, visit our website at You’ll also find installation guides and tips to help you achieve professional results with your DIY project.

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