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ComforTech 25 Case Study after photo

ComforTech 25 Case Study

We love to share real-life installations with you whenever we can. And we have a great ComforTech 25 case study to share from a terrific customer in Kansas.

ComforTech 25 Case Study

Kody and his wife were looking for some privacy for a set of patio doors in their home. They chose ComforTech™ 25 one of our most popular films. ComforTech™ 25 is the lightest of our films that still offers good daytime privacy.

The customers ordered a patio door kit which includes two pieces of 36” x 76” film to fit most standard patio or sliding glass door sizes.

According to Kody, the installation was quick and easy, and only took him about 20 minutes to get the film up on the glass using our Installation Tool Kit.

Customer installing ComforTech 25 patio door kit

ComforTech™ 25

This installation gives you a great sense of what ComforTech™ 25 looks like from the inside in this side-by-side shot – where the left door has film and the right door has none:

ComforTech 25 film and no film comparison

You can see that despite the 25’s strong heat-reducing specs, the difference it makes on the windows is not that big in terms of changing the way the glass looks or darkening the doors.

We also get a great demonstration of before and after from the outside:

Before and after shots of a ComforTech 25 installation for a case study

You can see that the film offers good daytime privacy so people can’t see into a bedroom or living space without it looking too metallic or mirror-like. The ceramic gives the film a more neutral charcoal color that doesn’t look like you put tin foil on your windows.

You can see the customer’s installation video here:

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