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Photo of a dining nook with a beautiful bay window with ComforTech 25 Ceramic Series window film applied.

ComforTech™ 25 Before & After Transformation

From time to time, we like to highlight a before and after of our film for other customers to see it installed. This ComforTech™ 25 before and after transformation is a great one where the Stephanie, a homeowner in Minnesota, solves a heat and glare problem in her dining room. And she gets some added daytime privacy to boot.

Before Window Film

Picture of a sunny dining room nook for a window film before and after transformation case study    Exterior shot of a bay window before window film is installed

Stephanie reports that on sunny days in the summer the room was almost unusable. Family members were squinting from the sun and the heat around the table would be too much. In addition, the dining nook, with its five windows making up the bay, was exposed to neighbors and street traffic. Stephanie said it sometimes felt like a fishbowl.

Choosing the Film

Stephanie opted for our most popular shade, ComforTech™ 25. ComforTech™ 25 is right in the middle of our five shades and offers the perfect balance of solar control and visible light transmission without being too dark. This shade also is the lightest to also offer good daytime privacy on the outside.

ComforTech 25 Ceramic Window Film Product Performance Specifications

The Installation Process

Stephanie found the installation process to be easy and was able to prep and film all five of her windows in one day. She notes that trimming the film takes some time and care and is probably the hardest step, but that it got easier with each window completed.

Here is a video overview of the process:

After Window Film

After the ComforTech™ 25 is installed, you see a noticeable difference in the amount of light coming through the bay windows. And the privacy the film affords during the day is terrific.

After picture of bay window with ComforTech 25 window film installed Exterior photo of bay windows after installation of ComforTech 25 Ceramic Series window film from Concord Window Film

Stephanie’s Google review perhaps tells the story best:

Screenshot of a five star review from a customer of ComforTech 25 Ceramic Series Window Film from Concord Window Film

ComforTech™ 25 Before & After Summary

If you are looking for an excellent solar control window film to cut the heat and glare in your home while still letting in a good amount of natural light, ComforTech™ 25 may be right for you. Learn more about ComforTech™25 and the benefits window film can offer.

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