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2024 DIY Home Improvement Resolutions

It’s 2024! Happy New Year and happy resolution time! Thanks to sustained high mortgage rates in 2024, more and more people are choosing to renovate or improve the home they own rather than sell and buy something new. With that in mind, we’ve got five new 2024 DIY home improvement resolutions to make! (And if this isn’t enough: check out Architectural Digest’s list of DIY trends for 2024 or if you missed our list from last year you can catch up here)

2024 DIY Home Improvement Resolutions

Replacing Old Appliances with eco-friendly alternatives

The trend toward making our homes more sustainable and eco-friendly sees no signs of abating. In fact, it’s not really a trend but considered more of a must-do for failing appliances. Two areas are hot right now:

Water-saving appliances

Photo of a low flo faucet for a blog post on 2024 Home Improvement Resolutions

Folks are replacing faucets and showerheads with lo-flow fixtures to save water and energy to heat the water. Old appliances are being replaced with water efficient ones and old water heaters are being replaced with tankless versions.

Induction Cooktops

Photo of an induction cooktop for a blog post entitled 2024 DIY Home Improvement Resolutions

People are choosing induction cooktops as they move away from gas cooktops because of the fossil fuel use, fumes and fire hazard they can pose. According to Consumer Reports, Induction cooktops are 5-10% more energy efficient than old electric cooktops and about three times more efficient than gas stoves.

Induction cooktops heat quickly, and the cooktop does not get hot unless a pot is sitting on it. This eliminates the hazard of turning on a stove and forgetting about it. What’s more they don’t remain hot after cooking, making it safer to use.

Creating an Outdoor Living Room

Photo of an outdoor living room for a blog post on 2024 DIY Home Improvment Resolutions

Source: Frontgate

As people recognize the health benefits of being in nature, outdoor spaces have taken on new proportions. Creating an outdoor living room is a trend that can get you out in the fresh air and soaking up some vitamin D.

Supporting this trend, is an array of outdoor furniture that feels like it belongs more in a living than a patio. And we have to say we are here for it. There is nothing more fantastic than an afternoon nap on a comfortable outdoor couch in the fresh air.

Color Drenching

Photo of a bedroom that's been color drenched for a blog post entitled 2024 DIY Home Improvement Resolutions

Source: Farrow & Ball

Painting a space has always been an economical way to make a change in your home. This new trend, called color drenching is – according to Architectural Digest, “all about a full-on, single-hue explosion across all surfaces in a room.” You can achieve the look by picking your favorite color and painting everything – walls, ceilings, and trim the same color and then following with furniture and accents to create a monochromatic space.

Making a Wood Accent Wall

Accent walls have been making a comeback after the ubiquity of all whites and grays of the farmhouse aesthetic. According to Homes & Gardens, in 2024 wood slat walls will be the design trend. The pieces of wood are typically thin and placed fairly close together on the wall to create a dense slatted look. Many keep the wood natural, showing of its warm, earthy tones. Oak is a popular choice for wood slat walls. But it can be just as fun to add a pop of color to the slats like the photo below from paint manufacturer Farrow & Ball:

Photo of a wood accent wall for a blog post on 2024 DIY Home Improvement Resolutions

Installing Window Film

Adding window film to your windows fights fading, reduces glare, blocks harmful UV rays, saves energy, and adds daytime privacy to your home. Film has many benefits including increasing your home’s comfort and saving you money on your HVAC costs. Most commercial buildings have been using window film for years to improve comfort and save energy – get the same for your home!

And installing window film has never been easier than with DIY kits from Concord Window Film. Created in three sizes: (1) for single and double-hung windows, (2) for casement or gliding windows, and (3) for patio / sliding glass doors, each kit contains two pieces of film pre-cut to fit most common window sizes. Then for larger window sizes, we offer 36” x 25’ rolls of film.

Woman installing window film herself on her home double hung window

Plus, we’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing window film for your home. Our ComforTech™ Ceramic Series window film is professional-grade film that is perfect for residential applications. It’s 2 ply thick with a dry adhesive that’s easy to handle. It’s made with nanoceramic technology that gives the film its beautiful and long-lasting natural color that won’t fade or discolor over time.

Our film comes in five beautiful shades so you can choose the one that’s right for you. Start exploring window film at and order a sample kit to discover the shade that’s right for you!

Want more information on window film? Get our free window film guide!

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